Effective use of new technologies in the SAP® sector

Technological support in the SAP® sector includes above all:


Technology SupportArchiving is an important method of deleting accumulated data from the current database in an organized way and subsequently enabling its easy retrieval. Archived data is not deleted but kept in a separate storage system. If needed, the data can be accessed and used anytime.

Archiving has many advantages:

  • Quicker access
    The course of business can be accelerated by archiving. Because of the centralised storage it can be accessed easier.
  • Better searchability
    The electronic archives are easily searchable, which accelerates individual business steps, saving time and money.
  • Higher security
    Backups can be created to avoid loss of important business data.

Release upgrades

To stay up-to-date and maintain support of SAP® systems, it is absolutely necessary to implement release upgrades regularly. By doing this, a modern company has the following advantages:

  • Use of technical progress
    With a release upgrade you make sure that your company benefits from a system upgrade and can continue to operate at a high technical level.
  • Increased efficiency
    A release upgrade allows easy access to the upgraded methods and extended capabilities of the new system. The advantages offered by upgrades are directly incorporated in, and improve, your business process. The result is higher efficiency and an optimized course of business.
  • New maintenance and support contracts
    After a release upgrade your company again benefits from the current maintenance and support contracts, which guarantee a smooth technical process. Thus, you can easily focus on important tasks without being distracted on your road to success.

After each release upgrade, the modifications and in-house developments of the customer have to be adjusted to the latest standard system. This is where we can help the customer manage this task with efficiency, thanks to our extensive experience in the business. The following tools are utilized here:

  • SPAU
  • SPDD

Performance tuning of ABAP® programs

Regular performance tuning is of crucial importance if a sustainable and long term improvement of the technical system performance and consequently of the whole enterprise is desired.

With the aid of standard tools we analyse performance-critical programs and identify the areas where optimization is needed. There are many ways to optimize an application which leads to overall system performance. Here are just a few examples:

  • RFC parallelization instead of sequential processing of mass data
  • Program internal data buffering for recurring database access
  • Optimization of database access via proper indexing of the concerned tables
  • Use of modern table types in ABAP® programs

This results in higher productivity, increased motivation and higher commitment of employees. As a consequence, the efficiency of the whole enterprise is promoted. Increasing revenue is the result.

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